orkut - .cute couple (clipped to

Let’s save our troubles for another day :)

I just want to be them and marry them together as a whole, why are they so perfect. Corpse Bride Halloween costumes. So cute. fhjssgdf
I wanna…

I wanna cuddle in a hammock with you, Go on vacation with you, Watch a scary movie during a storm with you, Fall asleep in your arms, Bake cupcakes with you, Shower with you, Have pillow fights with you, Go to the beach with you and walk hand in hand through the sand at the water’s point, Go swimming with you and kiss underwater, Go to the movies but not even pay attention to what’s showing because we’re too busy with each other, Take a road trip with you, Go to a carnival with you, Get our own kitty together, Kiss you like no tomorrow, Cuddle on a lazy day, Grow old with you, Have kids with you, Watch them grow up with you, Live with you ♥

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